The Zento Group

The Zento Group is an Advanced Practice Management firm for medical specialists such as surgeons, physicians, anaesthetists and surgical assistants.

We provide outsourced practice management services that improve your productivity, increase the profitability of your practice, and allow your business to function at peak efficiency.

Our professional management team and specially designed technology can expertly manage the pain of your private practice and let you focus on your work again.

The Origins of our Name

Zento is the Japanese word for ‘future prospects’ and this is apt for three reasons:

Our success is tied to your success, which is why we guarantee a 0% bad debt rate and work on a payment by results basis.
We are dedicated to the traditional Japanese values of efficiency, service and thoroughness through technology and team management.
Our clients experience a better business future because of our dedication to empathy, enterprise and excellence.

The Origins of the Zento Group

The Zento Group started in 2007 as Doctors Accounts Services, and provided financial management for anaesthetists.

But as word spread about the effectiveness of our management team, we expanded our services so we could support a range of medical professionals.

Today the Zento Group has an entire team that’s dedicated to the Advanced Practice management needs of a variety of medical professionals at every stage in their business development.

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