Spend More Time Doing Your Work

Services for Anaesthetists


Advanced Practice Management

Our advanced practice management services for anaesthetists will increase your profitability and allow you to spend more time doing the work that you’re actually getting paid for.

How We
Can Help

Streamline your process

We streamline your daily work processes so that you avoid unnecessary admin:

  • Secure work using our extensive medical contacts
  • We organise your surgeon’s lists
  • We handle patient fees and billing based on their health fund and how it determines your fees
  • Our team guards you against bad debts by pre-authorising patients’ credit cards when necessary
  • After the list, you send us your notes on each case and relevant stickers
  • We prepare your accounts as drafts
  • You review and confirm that the account drafts are satisfactory
  • We lodge the account electronically and convert patient pre-authorisation to payments
  • You get paid

Starting Out
in Private Practice

If you’re just starting out in private practice there’s a lot to do and learn. These are just some of the requirements that our team can help with:

  • Applying for a provider number for each location
  • Setting up a bank account and applying for an ABN
  • Obtaining or updating your professional indemnity insurance
  • Setting up your business for online claiming
  • Creating a system for tracking practice finances
  • Registering with health funds
  • Collating supporting material for hospital accreditations
  • Submitting hospital accreditations
  • And then (and only then)… you get to do your first list!

Our management team can assist you with every part of your business set-up and make your private practice run efficiently and effectively right from the start.

How Much do Our Services Cost?

We want to partner with you as you grow and our fee structure reflects that

There are no fixed overheads and no set rate that you have to pay. This is quite different from more traditional groups, which typically charge a fixed fee. Our fees are linked directly to your revenue, so we only get paid if you get paid.

We don’t rely on lock-in contracts, and you don’t have to commit to our services for a specific period of time. We encourage you to use our services as much as you wish and need.

So if you’re looking for a modern, and advanced practice management team, contact us today.