Medical Practice Management Surgical Assistants

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Anaesthetic billing - Zento - Outsourcing medical billing and practice management services

Medical Practice Management Surgical Assistants

Running your private practice with billing and administration support from Zento

Zento’s Virtual Practice Management for surgical assistants allows you to concentrate on your core duties while Zento handles the administration support and medical billing. It has been designed to
  • Enhance your productivity
  • Increase the profitability of your practice
  • Optimise your business to function at peak efficiency
At Zento, we take care of all aspects of practice management and medical billing for surgical assistants. We obtain the theatre list from surgeons, complete patient verification, prepare estimates and confirm the gaps where required.

Our automated medical billing system is designed to simplify MBS code selection and provides accurate fee estimates.

Zento manages various aspects of your private practice, including

  • Medical billing
  • Practice development and growth
  • Efficient practice administration
  • Private practice set-up

Zento’s fully automated medical billing and administration technology is designed to

  • Precisely predict the appropriate Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) item number billing codes
  • Accurately estimate Out-Of-Pocket Amounts (OOPAs)
  • Configure accounts for clear identification of payer responsibilities and amounts
  • Provide an account overview through a smart dashboard
  • Process payments in a matter of minutes
    Seamlessly integrate with our sticker capture app

Medical Practice Management Surgical Assistants

Starting your medical practice with the support you need

Zento advises and supports surgical assistants in setting up medical practice. The aim is to make sure that your business runs efficiently and effectively right from the start.
  • Applying for provider numbers
  • Setting up your business for online claiming
  • Creating a system for tracking practice finances
  • Registering you with private health funds
  • Assisting you with hospital credentialing
  • Securing surgical lists using purpose-built software to send out work opportunities
  • Securing lists by sharing the doctor’s details and availability with our network of surgeons

Zento benefits

Discover the Zento process

Medical Practice Management Anaesthetists

We manage your lists

Zento obtains lists from the surgeons' secretaries

Medical Practice Management Anaesthetists

We complete patient verification

  • To confirm health fund details
  • To confirm out-of-pocket fees (if applicable)

Medical Practice Management Anaesthetists

We do the paperwork

  • Obtain pre-authorisation
  • Obtain Informed Financial Consent

Medical Practice Management Anaesthetists

You practise medicine

Easy list admin using our app:
Take photos of your op reports, record item numbers, and submit
Medical Practice Management Anaesthetists

We prepare your accounts as drafts

After you press ‘submit’ on the app, we prepare the accounts as drafts
Medical Practice Management Anaesthetists

You review the draft accounts

  • You’ll receive an email of the draft accounts to review
  • Then you authorise us to lodge the accounts

Medical Practice Management Anaesthetists

We lodge the accounts

We lodge the accounts electronically We convert patient pre-authorisations to payments

Medical Practice Management Anaesthetists

You review the draft accounts

We only get paid after you get paid, which is an incentive for us to ensure that you get paid sooner
Pricing medical practice management surgical assistants

No lock-in contracts

With Zento, there is no obligation for a minimum time commitment. We focus on providing excellent service and are confident that our quality will inspire you to continue engaging with us. Are you ready for Zento?

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