Apply to Any Use of the Zento App

Terms and Conditions

1. Offer and acceptance

(a) The Zento App is secure, convenient and easy to use. The Zento App may be used by you to help manage your stickers.
(b) Zento offers to make the Zento App available to you on these terms and conditions.
(c) Zento will rely on your acceptance of these terms and conditions when:
      (i) a user submits, or seeks to submits, patient stickers through the service; or
      (ii) in relation to the Zento App, a user clicks on the ‘ACCEPT’ button in the online registration process.

2. Terms and conditions for Zento’s appointment

(a) These terms and conditions are in addition to any of the terms and conditions contained in the agreement between you and Zento.
(b) If there is any inconsistency between these terms and conditions and the terms and conditions contained in the agreement between you and Zento, these terms and conditions apply to the extent of that inconsistency.

3. Service closure

You or Zento may end the use of the Zento App at any time by giving a notice to the other. Examples of when Zento may end your use of the Zento App include where the profile is inactive and where Zento believes on reasonable grounds that continued use may cause loss to Zento or to you. These are examples only and do not prevent Zento terminating use of the service for any other reason.

4. Use of the Zento App

(a) Once:
     (i) you are taken to have accepted these terms and conditions under clause 1(c); and
     (ii) you have accessed the Zento App by entering your username and the temporary password issued as part of the setup process; and
    (iii) you have created a different password to be used to access the Zento App in the future; and
     you will be taken to be a registered user of the Zento App.

(b) You may use the Zento App in accordance with these terms and conditions, unless your use of the Zento App is cancelled or suspended under these terms and conditions.

(c) Access to the service, or access to certain functionalities of the service, may only be allowed by Zento if the procedures specified by Zento have been complied with.

(d) Access to the Zento App:
    (i) will be denied to you if you enter an incorrect password on three consecutive occasions; and
    (ii) may be denied if any instruction given using the Zento App is made in language Zento considers to be inappropriate.

(e) You will be able to submit stickers to Zento using the Zento App but, unless the Zento App is shown to have caused an error, Zento bears no responsibility for the item numbers you select and times you nominate when you submit your stickers.