Virtual practice management

Effortless virtual practice management with Zento

Discover Zento’s virtual practice management for medical specialists in private practice. We streamline tasks, manage data safely and let you focus on patient care.
Virtual practice management

Virtual medical practice management

What to expect when you engage a virtual practice manager?

Virtual practice management is an online service offering a behind-the-scenes team to help you run your private practice. Without being there in person, your virtual practice manager takes care of many tasks like monitoring your phones and emails,applying for and managing your provider numbers, registering you with private health funds, booking patients for clinics and theatre, and helping with your marketing.

This means you can spend more time with your patients and less time on paperwork. When choosing Zento’s virtual practice management tools, your data is safe and our service adapts to your specific needs. It’s like having a personal online assistant, always ready to help.

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Zento Virtual Practice Management

Besides handling day-to-day tasks, Zento’s virtual practice management services can help cut costs and boost productivity.

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Responsibilities of a virtual practice manager

When we talk about virtual practice management, what exactly does it cover? Here’s a detailed rundown of all those essential tasks a Zento virtual practice manager will take care of for you.

Tasks related to setting up a medical practice

  • Setting up practice management system
  • Setting up phone, email and fax infrastructure
  • Obtaining domains for doctors
  • Registering doctors with health funds
  • Obtaining provider numbers
  • Supporting doctors with hospital credentialing

Tasks related to running a practice smoothly

  • Monitoring phones and emails during business hours (not just during clinic hours) and taking action when required (ex. Responding to patient and referrer enquiries)
  • Booking patients in for clinics and theatre
  • Booking anaesthetists and surgical assistants when required
  • Managing the practice calendar
  • Supporting doctors with marketing and practice development activities, including digital marketing, branding, print collateral and GP/ referral base building
  • Monitoring referrer activity and providing recommendations
  • Handling patient payments (including out of pocket) and Medicare rebates
  • Issuing informed financial consent forms, prepare quotes and other information required for patients.
  • Sending patient post-op surveys.
  • Collecting pre-payments/pre-authorisation from patients
  • Billing to Medicare, DVA, and private health funds
  • Following up outstanding billing and resolving claim issues
  • Sending reminders for outstanding patient accounts
  • Circulating information and updates relating to billing, health funds and other matters important to doctors
  • Preparing letters for referrers and patients
  • Providing secure and confidential management of patient’s medical records
  • Recruitment, training, and supervision of administrative staff
  • Organising rosters for administrative staff to ensure continuity of support for your practice
  • Generating financial reports: monthly, quarterly and annual, which you can send to your accountant for BAS preparation
Benefits virtual administrative support
Benefits virtual administrative support

Benefits of outsourcing practice management

So, why engage a virtual practice manager? Let’s unpack some of the top benefits.

  • Reduced costs in tech, facilities and staffing,
  • Boosted efficiency thanks to online tools that give your team instant access to the information they need,
  • Continuity of service: we are online even if you are not – this way we can consistently support your practice regardless of time and location.
  • More hours in your day

Discover all the benefits of virtual practice management, including outsourced medical billing.

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Who can benefit from virtual practice management?

We cater to private medical specialists at any point in their professional journey and practices of every size.
Whether you’re just starting out, seeking independence from a group setting, or winding down your practice, we are here to assist.

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Zento Virtual Practice Management

To provide virtual support efficiently, we’ll connect with a designated contact at your end. If you’re in Western Australia and need someone on-site, we can arrange for a secretary to run your clinics in person.
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Why choose Zento for virtual practice management?

Here’s what our doctors highlight when they share their experience with Zento’s virtual practice management services:

  • Continuous support: No matter how often you consult as a doctor, Zento is always in the background. A dedicated medical secretary supports your practice during business hours. This means patients, hospitals and other third parties can reach you even outside clinic hours.
  • Autonomy: As a private medical practitioner, you stay independent while Zento supports and runs your practice. It’s a full service so you can focus on your patients and on building your practice without the constraints of group rules or policies. Zento stands behind you, making sure your practice remains front and centre.
  • Flexible cost based on income: Zento does not charge on a fixed hourly or sessional basis, rather a percentage of your monthly income. Zento only gets paid when the practice is paid.
  • No lock-in contracts: Zento doesn’t bind you with fixed-term contracts.
  • Expertise: Zento’s sole focus is private medical practice management. This focus ensures expertise. If you require services outside scope, Zento can connect you with a trusted provider of that service.
  • Adaptable solutions: Zento caters to your practice’s specific needs. It’s not an off-the-shelf product.
  • Compliance and confidentiality: To be compliant with relevant laws as a private medical practitioner can be a worry and Zento takes care of this whilst maintaining strict privacy agreements with all partners, staff and doctors.
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Getting started with a Zento virtual practice manager

Want to get started with Zento? Easy! Just give us a call, shoot us an email or drop a message on our website. We can set up an obligation free chat over Zoom or the phone to get things rolling.

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