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Frequently asked questions

What is Advanced Practice Management?

Essentially, it’s the method we use to take care of all aspects of practice management for you using a winning combination of intuitive technology and excellent customer care.

How do I move from my old system of practice management?

Transitioning to Zento is easy. We take care of all your administration and billing needs so that you can focus on medicine.

Once you have completed our online sign-up form, we assign you a dedicated Practice Manager. We’ll also set up for you a dedicated email address, phone number and fax number.

Your Practice Manager acts on your behalf in all communications with patients, health funds, Medicare and surgeons’ rooms. Our other team members will support your secretary, so you can be confident that we have you covered as your practice grows.

Where are your staff based?

We have team members based in Australia and the Philippines. Both teams work very closely together.

By building up our own team in the Philippines instead of using a call centre or other virtual offshore service, we are able to ensure a high-quality service while providing the lowest fees in the market.

Throughout the past year and a half, we have carefully selected a team of Filipino employees to work in a business exclusively for us.

In every case, you can be confident that your patients will receive the same high-quality professional service regardless of whether the team member answering the phone is from the Philippines or Australia.

Why are some of your staff based in the Philippines?

Working with offshore contractors helps keep our fees low. It means we can stay competitive while delivering premium, high-quality practice management services.

How secure is Zento?

Keeping your data secure is of prime importance to us here at Zento. Your information is securely stored and protected with best-practice cyber security safeguards including:

  • Physical access control
  • Password protection
  • Network firewalls
  • Encryption
  • Intrusion detection
  • Site monitoring
  • Cyber security audits and testing conducted by independent IT security specialists.

Our servers are hosted in highly-secure facilities in Australia in compliance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

As an added layer of protection for both you and us, we have a cyber risk insurance policy of $2,500,000 to cover both our local staff and offshore contractors.

Can I trust the privacy of my information and the information of my patients?

You certainly can. We take our responsibility for handling sensitive personal information seriously, and we have put measures in place to maintain the integrity of personal information and provide full transparency on conduct.

Our teams handle your personal information and data in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

We have consulted with a privacy lawyer who is also a specialist in health regulatory law and familiar with AHPRA’s requirements. They advised that:

  • everyone along the chain that is subject to the Privacy Act has to comply with it
  • being last in the chain within Australia, it is Zento’s responsibility for any breaches caused by an overseas contractor that we have engaged.

To ensure compliance with your obligations under the Privacy Act, we automatically send a standardised Privacy Policy to all of your patients, disclosing and explaining your relationship with Zento and the use by Zento of offshore contractors.

As an added layer of protection for both you and us, we have a cyber risk insurance policy of $2,500,000 to cover our local staff and offshore contractors.

More information about our obligations under the Privacy Act in relation to sending personal information overseas is available on the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner’s website.

Where are your servers located?

Our servers are hosted in highly-secure facilities in Australia in compliance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

What is the payment process?

We work on the basis that payments from health funds, Medicare, workers’ compensation insurers, HCN, WACHS, Ramsay etc, are paid to you directly.

We operate a centralised third-party payments (“TPP”) facility to enable payments from patients by BPAY or credit card. It means that you do not need to set up and operate your own merchant facility. We reimburse these payments to you on a weekly basis.

How long has Zento been around?

We have over a decade of experience delivering exceptional medical practice management.

The Zento Group started in 2009 as Doctors Accounts Services and provided financial management for anaesthetists. But as word spread about the effectiveness of our management team, we expanded our services so we could support a range of medical professionals.
Today the Zento Group has an entire team that’s dedicated to the Advanced Practice management needs of anaesthetists, surgeons, physicians and surgical assistants at every stage of their business development.

Why are you called Zento?

Zento is the Japanese word for ‘future prospects’. We thought it was a good term to represent our business because:

  • Our success is tied to your success, which is why we guarantee a 0% bad debt rate and work on a payment-by-results basis.
  • Our team is dedicated to the traditional Japanese values of efficiency, service, and thoroughness.
  • Our clients experience a better business future because of our dedication to empathy, enterprise and excellence.

How do I get started with Zento?

All you have to do is fill out our online sign-up form here. Then a member of our team will be in touch to help set up your account.

How much does it cost?

We acknowledge that running a private medical practice is costly. That is why we strive to keep our fees competitive and reduce our costs as much as we can for our doctors.

We charge a percentage of your monthly income and do not have lock-in periods for our doctors, offering maximum flexibility.

You can request access to our fee calculator from our Pricing page to easily work out how much our services will cost for you.

What specialties do you support?

Zento supports a number of different medical specialties in private practice. This includes surgeons, physicians, anaesthetists and surgical assistants.

More FAQs

Do you send pre-anaesthesia health questionnaires to patients?

Yes, we can. For the questions, you can use our template, adapt it or
provide your own questions.

Once we receive a list, we will send the questionnaire to the patients you wish to contact. Responses come to you automatically.

The responses we received from other clients are already being used to book patients to see in rooms, etc. If you would like to have something similar done for you, we are more than happy to do so. For example, we can gather information based on your criteria from GPs and cardiologists for you.

Do you send post-anaesthesia satisfaction surveys?

Yes, we send these to all of your patients in the format of the ANZCA CPD survey.

Responses are anonymised to assist you in meeting your CPD obligations, though patients can provide contact information if they wish to be followed up with.

Responses are sent directly to you, and you can access an automatically updated response sheet anytime. As an example, one of our clients has received over 200 responses since July last year.

How does list management work?

You can bring lists to us, pick up ad-hoc lists we email you, or a combination of these. We receive ad-hoc list cover requests from various surgeons' rooms, anaesthetist groups, and our other anaesthetists.

The lists are advertised on our internal system, and you will receive alerts via email and SMS when new lists become available.

What is the Zentobox?

The Zentobox is our bespoke medical billing and administration software. It uses cutting-edge machine learning technology to estimate gap fees and MBS code determinations in seconds instead of hours. The Zentobox understands all the MBS intricacies and complexities, so you don't have to.

How does the Zento Mobile App work?

Our convenient and secure sticker capture app uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, to enable you to:

  • Take photos of hospital stickers
  • Record anaesthetic item numbers based on surgeon specialities
  • Easily confirm case start and finish times using the app’s automatic timing suggestions.

The app is convenient and easy to use. All you need to do is take a photo of the sticker and follow the prompts in the app to record item numbers and times.

The app automatically offers MBS or WAGMSS item numbers based on the location you select in the app for the list, as well as ASA item numbers for Workers Comp cases.

medical practice management services

After completing our online sign-up form, we'll email you login credentials so that you can start exploring the app.

Does Zento have experience in handling emergency or out-of-hours billing scenarios for anaesthetists?

Yes, we do. Getting you paid is our top priority and the reason you hire us. With nearly 20 years of experience in processes anaesthetic accounts, we have built a solid process to ensure we secure payments.

How does virtual practice management benefit anaesthetists specifically?

We provide on-demand support tailored to the unique needs of anaesthetists, allowing you to focus solely on patient care without administrative distractions.

How does Zento ensure accurate anaesthetic billing?

With expertise in private health insurance, Medicare, and patient payments, our anaesthetic billing service ensures accurate, compliant, and timely reimbursements.

If Zento operates discreetly, how can I be assured of the quality of services for my anaesthetic practice?

Our quality is reflected in our results and the strong word-of-mouth reputation we've built among medical professionals, ensuring consistent, reliable support for anaesthetists.

How does Zento support surgeons in setting up their private practice arrangements?

We offer end-to-end practice support, from the administrative setup to establishing efficient billing processes. This allows surgeons to focus on medicine while we handle the logistics of running their practice.

With Zento’s support, nothing is missed during set-up, and you can enjoy a fully compliant, smooth operation of your private practice.

Do you help surgeons to grow their referral base and other marketing related initiatives?

In addition to our full suite of practice administration and billing support, we can also help you plan and implement strategies to grow your practice.

Our extensive experience and network mean that you get the most suitable and targeted support with these efforts, saving you time and money.

What systems does Zento use to support surgeons with their practice management?

We offer an infrastructure of phone, email and messaging systems to allow us to support your practice remotely and in person when required.

This allows us to monitor your emails and phone calls during business hours, not just when you are running clinics.

For practice management, our secretaries can use most of the standard practice management systems such as Gentu, Clinic to Cloud and Xestro. Zento is a certified Gentu adviser and can help you to quickly get set up on this platform.

How does Zento manage surgical appointments and referrals?

Although we follow standard best practices for managing appointments and referrals, we ultimately answer to you, the practice owner, and follow your instructions.
We make sure you have a solid procedure for triaging referrals, and ensure your clinic utilisation is maximised as much as possible.

Can Zento assist in integrating my existing patient records into your system?

If you already use Gentu or one of the other standard practice management systems on the market, we can likely work in your existing system, and no export or integration will be required.

If you are leaving an existing group, we can assist you with the transfer of information and call upon the assistance of the software providers when required.

I've heard Zento works discreetly, how does that benefit my surgical practice?

Our unique service is to support and represent all of our doctors.

We operate seamlessly in the background, ensuring your name and brand remain the main focus while looking after all your practice tasks and administration.
Your patients and other doctors will not know that Zento is there.

How can Zento's medical practice management services assist surgeons specifically?

We offer comprehensive solutions from billing, virtual reception support, to practice management software, allowing surgeons to concentrate on patient care without administrative distractions.

We can provide on-demand virtual administration billing services when you need it, providing your practice staff with relief when required.

How does Zento handle surgical billing complexities related to private health insurance, Medicare, and patient payments?

We ensure timely, accurate, and compliant billing processes, covering all aspects from private health insurance claims, Medicare submissions to direct patient invoicing tailored for surgical practices.
Our team is trained specifically in this field, and we use our knowledge and experience when processing your billing.

Does Zento offer specific support for specialised clinics or sub-specialty physicians?

Yes, we support physicians of any sub specialty and clinic arrangements. Note that we only have in-clinic secretarial support available in the Perth metro area at the moment.

Can Zento facilitate electronic prescription and telehealth services?

Yes we can!

How does Zento's practice management software enhance my private practice?

Our software streamlines administrative processes, allowing physicians to focus on patient care and consultations without administrative hurdles.

Can I trust Zento to manage my practice's communications efficiently?

Absolutely. Our team actively monitors phones and emails during business hours, five days a week, ensuring timely and professional communication with your patients and other third parties.

This means that we are supporting you even outside your clinic hours.

How can Zento assist physicians with setting up initial billing structures for their practices?

We support doctors in establishing their initial billing structures, ensuring they start on the right foot, covering private health insurance, Medicare, and direct patient payments.

Our preferred practice management software is Gentu, and as a Gentu-certified adviser, we get direct access to a dedicated team at Genie Solutions. We also get access to exclusive discounts for our doctors, saving you even more!

How does Zento maintain its strong reputation among physicians in private practice?

Our commitment to discreet, effective service and word-of-mouth referrals ensures we remain a trusted partner for many physicians.

Does Zento provide assistance in credentialing and provider number registrations for surgical assistants?

Yes, we can support you with the credentialing process and ensure you have all the required information before submitting your applications to the hospitals.
We can also assist you with applying for provider numbers with Medicare and register you with the major private health funds.

How does Zento's system help surgical assistants track their operations and procedures?

We use our purpose-built Zentobox online platform and app to manage all of your lists and surgical assistant billing.
Surgeons' rooms send us their lists, which we share with you via the system.
When you have completed a list, simply take a photo of the op report

Why is outsourcing medical billing beneficial specifically for surgical assistants?

Keeping on top of billing and the related tasks for surgical assistants in private practice can be complex and time-consuming.

Different surgeons have different ways of paying their assistants, and things can get confusing if you don’t have

Outsourcing streamlines the unique billing requirements of surgical assistance, ensuring timely claim submissions, diligent follow-ups, and a focus on the specific needs of surgical assistants.

How does Zento support surgical assistants in getting established in private practice?

Beyond billing, we help in administrative setup and seamless integration into surgical practices, ensuring surgical assistants can perform at their best.

What makes Zento's service discrete yet efficient for surgical assistants?

While we handle back-end support, the surgical assistant's professional identity remains at the forefront. Our work is designed to streamline operations without overshadowing the professionals we serve.

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