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Medical practice management can be a real pain. Zento Group gives you peace of mind so that you can do what you do best.

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About Zento Group

Management team

Zento handles your medical practice management, giving you peace of mind, so that you can do what you do best.

Meet our management team.

Ben Dudley

Founder & Managing Director Zento Group

Zento Group Ben Dudley

For the past 14 years, Ben has been living and breathing specialist medical administrative management and building the Zento business.

Ben’s strength is managing and thinking strategically about the business across all fronts while building Zento’s high-performing team to handle execution.

He is an inspiring leader who gives his team the autonomy, encouragement and support they need to perform at their best. He always makes time to listen to his team, and ensures that everyone is well looked after.

More about Ben Dudley

Originally trained as a lawyer and environmental engineer, with postgraduate degrees in finance and investment, Ben provided corporate and commercial advice at Mallesons Stephen Jaques (now King and Wood Mallesons). In 2003, he co-founded his first company Marchmont, a commercial property development business with a peak portfolio value of $250M. Subsequently, he co-founded two more businesses; Wandoo Capital Partners, a specialist debt provider, and Orange Mortgage & Finance Brokers, offering home and other NCCP residential property loans.

Joel Cox

Management Accountant

Zento Group Joel Cox

Joel enjoys his role at Zento Group where he can apply his skills in accounting, finance and engineering. He is highly process-driven and has taken business improvement within Zento Group to a new level.

Day-to-day, Joel manages the systems and processes of the business, finance, accounting and most administrative requirements. He also coordinates Zento’s development team in optimising our purpose-built medical billing application.

More about Joel Cox

Joel has a Bachelor of Accounting and Finance, a Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting, and is a full member of Chartered Accountants ANZ. He is keenly interested in technology, big data, and behavioural economics, and these interests have seen him contribute to the development of the company’s artificial intelligence algorithms.

Prior to Zento, Joel worked in a small auditing firm as a graduate auditor, and as the Purchasing, Administration and Sales Officer for Laminex Group for five years. In addition to general admin, accounts receivable/payable, payroll, stock control, management reporting, warehousing and stocktake, Joel planned and coordinated purchasing, marketing and sales strategies, managed client and supplier relationships, and created and refined new systems, processes and procedures including credit, ordering, stock reporting, safety and compliance.

Karoline Gover

Marketing Manager

Zento Group Karoline Gover

Karoline is a marketing and communications professional with over 15 years of experience in the healthcare sector. In her role at Zento, she coordinates internal and external communications, plans and oversees marketing campaigns, monitors client engagement and satisfaction and onboards new clients.

She also organises our regular Zento Social events, where she enjoys catching up with our clients and supporters.

More about Karoline Gover

In past roles, Karoline developed and implemented innovative communication and marketing strategies tailored for diverse audiences.

Leveraging multiple formats and platforms, she expanded customer bases, enhanced brand trust, and built customer loyalty in highly competitive markets, including the disability and aged care sectors.

Beck Bennett

Operations Manager – Anaesthesia

Zento Group Beck Bennett

Beck oversees and manages the operations of Zento’s Anaesthesia business unit and oversees the Philippines-based practice support team.

Beck has years of experience in private medical practice management and an in-depth understanding of anaesthetic billing. Before entering the private medical sector, Beck held management and operations roles in various industries, including oil and gas and health and fitness.

More about Beck Bennett

Becky is loved by her team and the doctors who look after her. We call it ‘the Becky effect’. She is hard-working, positive and always makes time for a chat despite being super busy.

Comments we hear regularly from our clients include:
“Becky is amazing. I don’t know how she does it all so smoothly and effectively”.

Steph Downie 

Operations Manager – Surgeon & Physician Team

Zento Group Steph Downie

Steph brings a wealth of experience and a passion for smooth operations to Zento’s Surgeon & Physician team. With over 28 years of leadership experience, she excels in managing teams, mentoring staff, and driving positive organisational change.

Steph oversees the day-to-day operations of our services for surgeon and physician clients. She ensures our team of dedicated secretaries delivers consistent, responsive, and high-quality support to our doctors. Her expertise spans various areas, including team leadership, process improvement, staff training and development, policy and procedure development, and compliance and safety.


More about Steph Downie

As a team leader, Steph is skilled at leading and motivating administrative teams, fostering a positive and collaborative work environment. She identifies and implements process improvements to enhance efficiency and impact. Steph is also responsible for recruiting, onboarding, and providing ongoing staff training to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to excel in their roles. She contributes to developing and implementing policies and procedures to ensure best practices are followed and ensures adherence to all health and safety regulations, promoting a safe work environment.

Steph is also actively involved in her community, currently serving as the Chair of a primary school board for the past three years. When Steph isn’t leading the Zento team, you might find her enjoying walks and spending time with family, advocating for individuals with disabilities (inspired by her two children), or immersing herself in a good book.

Steph’s passion, extensive experience, and leadership skills make her a valuable asset to the Zento team.

Administrative team

Sam Roberts

Billing Coordinator and Marketing Assistant at Zento

Zento Group Sam Roberts

Sam Roberts is a crucial member of Zento, acting in a dual role as Billing Coordinator and Marketing Assistant. With a Bachelor in Medical Science from Edith Cowan University, Sam’s expertise in medical billing and deep understanding of the pain points of private practitioners significantly contributes to Zento’s expertise.

Sam’s proficiency in medical billing processes within private practice settings enables her to lead educational and troubleshooting initiatives for our secretarial team. She also plays a crucial role in developing training programs, policies, and procedures for billing, ensuring compliance and efficiency in the billing administration for the surgeons and physicians we support.


More about Sam Roberts

In addition to her billing responsibilities, Sam assists in marketing coordination and helps our doctors grow their practices and referral bases. Her prior experience at Ramsay Health Care has prepared her with a strong foundation in administration, finance, and payer relations, where she led projects that significantly improved patient services and team performance.

With her professional experience, outstanding communication skills, positive attitude and dedication, Sam is a real asset to the Zento team and the doctors we support.

A brief history

The origins of our name

Zento is the Japanese word for ‘future prospects’ and this is apt for three reasons:


Our success is tied to your success, which is why we guarantee a 0% bad debt rate and work on a payment by results basis.


We are dedicated to the traditional Japanese values of efficiency, service and thoroughness through technology and team management.


Our clients experience a better business future because of our dedication to empathy, enterprise and excellence.

Frequently asked questions about Zento Group

Where are your staff based?

We have team members based in Australia and the Philippines. Both teams work very closely together.

By building up our own team in the Philippines instead of using a call centre or other virtual offshore service, we are able to ensure a high-quality service while providing the lowest fees in the market.

Throughout the past year and a half, we have carefully selected a team of Filipino employees to work in a business exclusively for us.

In every case, you can be confident that your patients will receive the same high-quality professional service regardless of whether the team member answering the phone is from the Philippines or Australia.

How do I get started with Zento?

All you have to do is fill out our online sign-up form here. Then a member of our team will be in touch to help set up your account.

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