Medical practice management physicians

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Medical practice management physicians
Medical practice management physicians

Running your private practice has never been easier

Zento’s Advanced Practice Management system helps physicians focusing on patient care without the burden of administrative tasks and medical billing. The aim is to

  • Increase your productivity
  • Improve the profitability of your practice
  • Help manage risk
Zento’s Advanced Practice Management approach takes care of all aspects of practice management. Our core offering is a fully outsourced and white-labelled service, representing your name and brand.

Here’s what Zento does for physicians:

  • Outsourced medical billing for physicians
  • Practice administration for physicians
  • Reception services for physicians
  • Private practice set-up for physicians
  • Development and business growth for physicians

Zento understands that you and your practice are unique. That’s why we provide white-labelled solutions for your individual requirements. We put your front and centre while providing seamless but comprehensive support in the background.

In-clinic services

During your clinic days, a dedicated Zento staff member arrives at the reception desk, equipped with their laptop, mobile WiFi device, portable printer/scanner and mobile EFTPOS terminal. This ensures seamless operations while they take care of all your clinics, as well as handle medical billing and appointment management. Zento also takes care of your surgical lists and theatre planning, if you’re doing interventional work as a physician.

Remote services

At Zento we’ve got you covered with organising your clinics, handling all medical billing and bookings, whilst the hospital staff meets and greets patients during their visits. If you’re doing interventional work as a physician, Zento manages your surgical lists and theatre planning.

Medical practice setup for physicians

Starting your private practice with the support you need

Zento assists physicians when setting up private practice, ensuring a smooth and efficient start to your business. Our services include support with:
  • Facilitating the application process for provider numbers
  • Setting up a bank account and obtaining an ABN (Australian Business Number)
  • Managing professional indemnity insurance applications and updates
  • Establishing online claiming capabilities for your private practice
  • Implementing a robust system for tracking practice finances
  • Registering your private practice with private health funds
  • Compiling necessary documentation for hospital accreditations
  • Submitting hospital accreditations
Practice management services for physicians

The Zento process explained

Medical Practice Management Anaesthetists

If you’re doing interventional work, Zento organises theatre lists, as well as anaesthetists and surgical assistants when required

Zento handles it all for you, allowing you to focus on excellent patient care
Medical Practice Management Anaesthetists

We handle your fees and follow up on payments

  • Preparing accurate fee estimates
  • Confirming out-of-pocket fees, if applicable
  • Pre-authorising patients’ credit cards
  • Proactively following up on late payments and rejections from health funds and Medicare
  • Efficiently managing BPAY and credit card payment facilities

Medical Practice Management Anaesthetists

We do the paperwork

  • Obtaining Informed Financial Consent
  • Providing online patient health questionnaires (if relevant) + follow up


We schedule and run clinics

  • Offering remote and in-clinic services
  • Handling various communication responsibilities, including responding to email enquiries, answering incoming phone calls and directing them to appropriate recipients

Medical Practice Management Anaesthetists

Private billing services for physicians

At Zento, we provide comprehensive medical billing services that are designed to streamline your private practice management. Our services include

Billing software recommendation

  • We recommend Gentu, an all-encompassing online medical practice management software system.
  • As certified advisors of Gentu, our expertise can help you make the most of this powerful software.

Full visibility of your accounts

  • Our billing system provides you with comprehensive visibility of your accounts.
  • You can easily track the progress of invoicing and claims.

Monthly reports

  • You will get a monthly report that includes all payments received during that time period.
  • You'll also receive a report detailing all expenses we've paid on your behalf.
  • These reports are ready to be submitted for BAS reporting, saving you valuable time.


We help grow your practice

  • We assist you in effectively marketing your practice to both patients and GPs.
  • We send letters to GPs in a timely manner
  • We proactively initiate mail outs and other activities to maintain a prominent presence and remain top of mind with your referrers

Pricing Medical Practice Management Surgeons

No lock-in contracts

There is no minimum time commitment when you sign up with Zento. We rely on delivering excellent service and helping you grow your practice so that you will be happy to stay with us!

Are you ready for Zento?


You get paid

Say goodbye to bad debts and the complexity of health funds.

Zento does this all for you.

You get booked

If you’re looking to build your practice, our lists offer extra work as well as a chance to make more professional contacts.

You're available

Well, your staff is. We provide excellent customer care whilst you are operating or playing golf. Your receptionist is available five days a week.

You free up time

You are a doctor and that’s what you do best. Zento takes over the hassle of running a private practice.

The Zento calculator

Your fee depends on your monthly income. The Zento calculator can give you an estimate – to help you plan.

This is simple calculator asks for a few details to calculate what your fees might be. The figures are an estimate. The exact amount you pay will depend on your monthly financial situation.

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