Advanced practice management services for surgeons

As a surgeon in private practice, you’ll have an array of tasks that you have to manage related to admin, compliance, HR, and IT. And on top of this, you have to constantly prepare and process accounts, keep track of payments and do follow ups if you want to get paid.

Administration can account for anywhere between 20-50% of your working time, which is means you might spend up to half of your working day doing things you don’t get paid for. This is an inefficient way to run a business.

The Pain of Private Practice

If you’re thinking about hiring people to take care of your admin needs, this only creates more demands on your time and on your business profits.

Although hiring someone can be effective, managing a team takes time. Common complaints from surgeons in private practice include:

  • Time spent in patient follow-up tasks
  • Difficulty managing patient data
  • The complexities of billing and managing payments
  • Problems with staff management  
  • Managing staff superannuation, entitlements and annual leave requirements
  • The difficulties of building a referral source for the practice

If you have trouble with any of these tasks, our expert management team can help.

Zento's Advanced Practice Management

Zento’s expert team can help you with every aspect of your practice management. By using Zento, our team becomes your team. Hiring, managing leave and temporary staff, reviewing performance and managing conflict is all done on our end, so you can dedicate 100% of your time to being a surgeon.

Some of our core services are:

  • Billing, including preparing your BAS and GST reporting.
  • Estimation of fees and obtaining informed financial consent.
  • The provision of outsourced practice staff
  • Answering phones and directing calls
  • Practice management
  • Theatre list management
  • Organising Anaesthetists when required
  • Taking care of all your banking needs
  • Dealing with Medicare and Health Fund registrations, as well as hospital accreditations
  • Organisation and management of BPAY and credit card payment facilities
  • Organising electronic claims to Health Funds
  • We also manage and hire out consulting rooms based on your needs and patient schedules.

The cost of our services

Our business is dedicated to becoming your partner and assisting you with all of your management needs as your practice grows. That’s why there are no fixed overheads and no set rate that you have to pay.

Our services are also inexpensive compared to the alternatives:

  • Hiring a practice manager or a secretary can cost up to $85,000 per annum per staff member.
  • Leasing permanent consulting rooms can cost $35,000 per annum.
  • You have to think about insurance needs for your business and anyone you hire.
  • You have to buy software and other IT equipment, office consumables, furniture, and even magazine subscriptions for the waiting room!

Most of these are fixed costs, so you incur these costs regardless of whether you earn any private practice income!

We work differently. As your partner, our fees are linked directly to your revenue. Which means we only get paid if you get paid.
We don’t use lock-in contracts either and you don’t have to commit to our services for a specified period. We want you to feel welcome to use our services as much as you want to.

So if you’re ready to invest in a better way to manage your business and get the returns you want, contact us today.