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Anaesthetic billing services with no lock-in contracts

Author: Ben Dudley

Date: July 27, 2023

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When Zento was founded, we decided to do things differently. Most medical and anaesthetic billing services require you to sign binding contracts. But at Zento, there is no minimum time commitment when you sign up. Discover why this is beneficial for your private practice.
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The Zento difference

Zento’s philosophy is about genuine partnership: We rely on delivering excellent service and helping you grow your practice so that you will be happy to stay with us!

Here’s what sets us apart:

True commitment originates from trust

Traditionally, medical billing companies often require anaesthetists, surgeons and specialists to sign long-term contracts. Zento, however, understands that true commitment stems from trust.

At Zento, we have great confidence in the quality and efficiency of our medical and anaesthetic billing services. Our technological advancement with the Zentobox and its user-friendly app, allows us to stay ahead and deliver unmatched value to our doctors, negating the need for contractual obligations.

Ben Dudley

Founder Zento

Cutting-edge technology like the Zentobox application, isn’t just a selling point – it’s a testament to our commitment to streamlining the medical billing process. Where other services may rely on outdated systems or cumbersome procedures, we’ve embraced machine-learning to ensure that your billing experience is seamless, efficient, and transparent.

The goal is a partnership

Zento’s vision goes beyond offering an anaesthetic billing service. The goal is a partnership in which your private anaesthetic practice thrives.
We have a growth mindset. We are invested in your success. It means we are open to your feedback, and are constantly looking to learn and innovate. Our use of machine-learning for anaesthetic billing is a testament to our forward-thinking approach.

Ben Dudley

Founder Zento

Backed by years of experience and deep understanding of anaesthetic billing, we break down the complexities in plain language. This includes explaining health fund concepts, demystifying medical billing procedures and clarifying contractual obligations.

Testing the waters

Without long-term commitments, anaesthetists looking for medical billing services can test the waters without taking financial risks.
Our philosophy enables you to experience our excellence firsthand, but also paves the way for organic trust-building.

Ben Dudley

Founder Zento

Peace of mind

Binding contracts often create a source of stress. Because we don’t lock you in, that’s one less thing to worry about. This peace of mind allows you to better manage your finances, reduce stress, save time and, more importantly, focus on your core work.
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A holistic approach

It’s not just about offering flexibility. What truly sets us apart is the combination of medical billing, practice management services and networking/learning opportunities. With a transparent fee structure, we give anaesthetists peace of mind for all things admin, whilst providing networking opportunities and professional development workshops and events.

Transparent fees

Anaesthetists and other medical professionals often worry about fee structures when they consider outsourcing their medical billing. At Zento we take pride in our transparent pricing structure. With no hidden fees or unexpected charges, you don’t have to worry about your finances.

Medical practice management

A thriving anaesthetist practice relies heavily on a well-organised medical practice management. Zento handles every part of your admin. From applying for provider numbers, setting up your business for online claiming, to managing your lists, handling your fees, obtaining the patients’ consents, preparing and lodging your accounts and making sure you get paid. In summary, Zento takes the administrative burden off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on your patients.


The medical profession thrives on collaboration and community. That’s why we regularly host events and workshops, creating an opportunity for anaesthetists and healthcare professionals to connect, share and grow. We also frequently attend workshops, webinars and events ourselves, so that we continuously learn and stay on top of the most recent developments and legislation in our field.
Anaesthetist billing service

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