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The 7 pitfalls of setting up a medical practice and how Zento can help you avoid them

Author: Ben Dudley

Date: August 2, 2023

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Setting up your own medical practice is a dream for many specialists, surgeons and physicians. However, the road to get there often presents unexpected hurdles. In this article, we discuss seven common challenges that new practices face and how partnering with Zento can help you avoid them.
Medical practice setup pitfalls

How Zento provides tailored solutions to common pitfalls

When you decide to set up a medical practice, you’re not just a healthcare professional anymore; you’re becoming an entrepreneur, wearing multiple hats and navigating both medical and business landscapes.
Setting up your own practice seems appealing both from an autonomy perspective and a financial point of view. However, managing clinical care as well as leading a business present unique challenges that go beyond the scope of medical training.

Ben Dudley

Founder Zento

In this article, we go over 7 common challenges and how Zento can help you avoid them.

#1 Not having a clear business strategy

Pitfall 1:
Diving headfirst into private practice without a clear business strategy can lead to financial turmoil, operational inefficiencies, and patient dissatisfaction.

Zento’s solution:
Zento’s team of experts can help with a structured business plan, offering insights into market analysis, financial projections, and strategic positioning. By working closely with anaesthetists, surgeons and physicians Zento has a wealth of experience and can help

outline clear objectives,

offer insights into market analysis,

draft a business plan that is both realistic and tailored to your specific needs and goals.

#2 Misjudging setup costs and financial demands

Pitfall 2:
Underestimating setup costs or not having sufficient capital to sustain the practice during initial lean months can put undue strain on your new practice.
Zento’s solution:
Zento has a great understanding of medical practice set up costs, as well as a deep knowledge of the private health sector in general, including private health insurance. Zento is well-connected and has an extensive network of finance professionals.
Taking all of this expertise into account, Zento can help you with

providing accurate cost analysis,

ensuring your practice remains financially healthy.

#3 Lack of branding and no marketing strategy

Pitfall 3:
A great medical service with poor visibility will struggle to attract patients. You may be an excellent doctor, with decades of experience in the public sector. However, when setting up a medical practice, you need to make sure that your potential patients know about your services.
Zento’s solution:
Zento can help build a robust online presence, create branding materials, and craft effective marketing strategies to put your medical practice on the map. From designing a user-friendly website to optimising it for search engines, creating engaging social media campaigns, and crafting a unique brand identity, Zento understands that your practice needs to stand out in the crowded medical market.

#4 Overlooking legal and regulatory requirements

Pitfall 4:
Setting up a medical practice is not just about providing medical services. It’s bound by a web of legal and regulatory requirements that ensure the safety and rights of both patients and practitioners.
Zento’s solution:
Zento ensures you’re always in compliance by keeping you updated on regulatory changes and assisting with the necessary paperwork. Whether it’s about securing the right insurance, understanding the specific guidelines set by bodies like AHPRA, or ensuring that promotional activities are in line with advertising regulations, Zento’s expertise acts as a safeguard against potential legal pitfalls.

#5 Failing to adapt to new technology

Pitfall 5:
Not leveraging modern healthcare technologies can lead to inefficiencies and a below average patient experience.

Zento’s solution:
Zento can guide your private practice in adopting the latest tech trends, from telehealth services to advanced patient management systems, ensuring your practice is at the forefront of healthcare innovation. Using the best medical practice management software, Zento ensures seamless operations for your clinic. For our anaesthetic clients, Zento has developed the Zentobox application, offering outsourced medical billing solutions that make anaesthetic billing a breeze.

#6 Underestimating the emotional and physical demands of starting a practice

Pitfall 6:
The demands of setting up a practice can be overwhelming, leading to stress and burnout.

Zento’s solution:
By offloading many of the administrative, financial, and operational challenges to Zento, practitioners can focus on patient care and self-care, ensuring a balanced professional life.

#7 Neglecting the patient experience

Pitfall 7:
In the drive to set up and run a medical practice, professionals sometimes focus intensely on clinical excellence but may inadvertently sideline the holistic patient experience. This includes factors like wait times, the ambiance of the waiting and consultation rooms, clarity in communication, and the post-consultation follow-up process.
Zento’s solution:
Zento’s on-site as well as virtual receptionists understand the importance of the patient experience, from the initial greeting to addressing feedback and providing them with all the information they need. Zento’s professionals are skilled in using intuitive patient interfaces, from easy online booking systems to prompt follow-up mechanisms. Beyond individual services, Zento integrates every aspect into a holistic practice management system, tailored for the unique needs of your clinic.
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Zento offers comprehensive medical practice management services. It’s more than just a service; it’s a partnership. We bridge the gap between your medical expertise and the complex world of business. That is how we ensure that your practice doesn’t just survive, but thrives.

Don’t let avoidable pitfalls scatter your dream of a successful private practice. Contact Zento today, and let’s co-create a future where your practice shines.

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