Private Practice Mastery

Private Practice Mastery: 6 key insights from top industry leaders

Author: Ben Dudley

Date: August 2, 2023

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From enhancing your online visibility to understanding medico-legal intricacies: Discover the secrets to Private Practice Mastery with invaluable insights from top industry leaders, shared at the recent event organised by Zento and St John of God Healthcare.
Medical business financing

Financing a medical business: Choosing the right lender for medical practices

When you decide to set up a medical practice, you’re not just a healthcare professional anymore; you’re becoming an entrepreneur, wearing multiple hats and navigating both medical and business landscapes.

“Picking the right lender can make the difference between building a robust medical practice and grappling with unfavourable financial terms.”

Ali Joyce

Specialist Loans for Medical Professionals

Financing decisions can make or break your business. Ali Joyce, with her vast experience in medical finance, advises healthcare professionals to select lenders who truly grasp the nuances of the medical field. It’s not about just securing a loan, but about building a financial foundation that supports your unique practice’s vision.
Healthcare online visibility

Optimise your online strategy: Become the referral influencer

“Tailor your content to resonate with what your patients are searching for online, converting Google searches into appointments.”

Kris Borgraeve

Digital Practice,
Medical Marketing Agency

Your Google ranking for specific terms defines the volume of patients who will make an enquiry, ask for a referral to your practice or change the referral destination. It’s a data-driven approach to becoming a ‘referral-influencer’ someone who can influence the flow of GP referrals and direct enquiries.

Kris Borgraeve stresses the importance of optimising your online presence: You can guide potential patients through their journey, from inquiry to consultation.

That’s why it’s pivotal to understand what patients search for. Once you have defined what keywords people type in to learn about your services, you create high-quality content to attract these visitors through search.

Private practice mastery

Master the rules when it comes to advertising your medical practice

“Be informed and cautious. Advertising isn’t just about drawing patients in but doing so ethically and responsibly.”

In a bid to market your private practice, it’s crucial to remain compliant. It’s not just about attracting patients, but doing it right. Gae Nuttall underscores the necessity to remain within legal and ethical boundaries when advertising. Falling foul of advertising regulations can have dire consequences.

From understanding what qualifies as a misleading advertisement to being cautious about testimonials, knowledge in this field can save practices from potential pitfalls.

Medical indemnity insights

Strategise your medical indemnity

“Medical indemnity isn’t one-size-fits-all. View medical indemnity not just as an expense but as a strategic career investment.”

Robyn Landau

Doctors’ Choice, Medical Indemnity Advisers

Robyn Landau encourages a bespoke approach to insurance, highlighting the fact that every practitioner has unique needs that cannot be met by generic solutions.

By considering factors like practice specialty, location, and future plans, practitioners can find an insurance policy tailored to their unique needs.

Financing medical practice

Propel your financial journey: Choose prosperity over regret

“Financial health isn’t about just now, it’s about future-proofing your practice and personal finances.”

James McLeod

Capital Partners,
Financial Planners

James McLeod explains four possible financial pathways and the key to choosing the right one. Spoiler alert: Pathway 4 is the ideal!

  • Pathway 1: You are ignoring symptoms until it becomes a crisis.
  • Pathway 2: You’re managing your finances day to day, but without a long-term plan or goal.
  • Pathway 3: You’re making decent decisions and have a comfortable life, but you may not be maximising your financial potential.
  • Pathway 4: You’re making proactive decisions that secure financial health and enable you to thrive and achieve your financial goals.

Medical practice setup

Build your perfect medical practice

“A successful clinic is more than just medical expertise. It’s about envisioning, planning, and executing a comprehensive strategy.”

Kim Struthers

Perfect Practice,
Healthcare Design and Construction Specialists

Starting a clinic goes beyond medical expertise. Kim Struthers offers a checklist for those looking to set up their practice, emphasising the importance of foresight. From selecting a location to deciding on the design, every decision counts. Here are a few examples of what you should think about:

  • Look for a clinic location with on-site parking
  • Think about your future growth and make sure your workflow is right. You can’t change that once it’s finished, without a significant cost
  • Don’t go for price over quality and make sure materials comply with health standards
  • Don’t choose overused brand colours: Stand out from the crowd!
Medical practice setup service

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