Consulting Rooms

Consultation on a Flexible Basis


Professional Consultation Rooms

For a medical professional in private practice, it doesn’t always make sense to have dedicated consulting rooms. They can be expensive, incur more paperwork and stand empty most of the time.

Booking a room temporarily when you need to see patients is much more convenient. Not only does it give you a private, secure place to talk to your patients, it also helps to establish and maintain your professionalism and credibility with patients. That said, your investment needs to pay off as well.

If you’ve tried to find appropriate consulting rooms, you’ve probably encountered some of the following problems:

  • Buying or leasing a suite is prohibitively expensive.
  • Most consulting rooms can only be booked in 4 hour blocks.
  • Fitting into another doctor’s schedule when you borrow their rooms.
  • And if you’re seeing patients from different lists, borrowing a room may not be practical at all.

Dedicated Consulting Rooms
on Your Terms

Because we understand this vital need, and the problems that can come with it, we offer an easy, flexible solution. Our clients can make use of our dedicated consultation rooms in McCourt Street, West Leederville free of charge.

We have two consulting rooms at this site, so bookings will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

So if you’re looking for Consulting Rooms, contact us today.