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Our Internet Services

To succeed in private practice your online presence needs to be strong and consistent. Most of the time, your patient’s will find you through this medium, and if your online persona looks unprofessional it could ruin your business.

The Zento Group understands how essential this element of your business is, which is why internet services are part of our advanced practice management processes.

Our expert management team will help you create an online persona that’s personalised, professional, and takes advantage of the latest technologies. And this will encourage your patients to have confidence in you, and in your skills as a medical professional.

Let Us
Help You

Let us help you with the following IT needs:

  • The pre-operative questionnaire, which confirms the patient’s health status and any relevant conditions or allergies.
  • The post-operative questionnaire which is sent out after the operation and allows the patient to rate their experience and your care.

Contact us today to create an online presence that suits your professional skills and the business success that you’re working towards.