Lists Booking Service

Matching the Jobs Quickly & Efficiently


Lists Booking Service

Our lists booking service is one of the most useful and important services our management team provides.

We have working relationships with doctors, clinics and hospitals, and when they need staff they contact us. We then send a notification to our clients that details the job, the hours, the location, and the rates. And clients with the right qualifications for the list can then express their interest.

If you’re looking to build your practice, our lists offer extra work as well as a chance to make more professional contacts. And this is vital for the success of your business because medical professionals in private practice tend to get most of their work through their professional contacts.


Our available lists are sent through our app. When a new job is posted you can register your interest and wait for it to be allocated. The posting will be kept open for a reasonable amount of time depending on the amount of interest and the urgency of the job.

Lists are allocated based on a number of factors:

  • Active responders who frequently offer to cover lists will be given preference.
  • If everyone who expressed interest is active, the list will be given to the responder who needs the work the most.

This system encourages active participation and helps newcomers make a good start with the Zento Group.

Making the Most of Our Lists

Once you’ve been allocated a list, you can start making professional contacts. This is a highly effective way to build your professional network and client base.

If you would like a demonstration of how our app can make your business run more efficiently contact us today.