Patient Questionnaires Management

Pre-op & Post-op Questionnaires


Patient Questionnaires

Our practice management team has an effective and systematic approach to patient questionnaires. These are a requirement of medical practice, as well as absolutely necessary for quality care, but they also take time to organise and collate.

There are two essential questionnaires in medicine:

  • The pre-operative questionnaire, which confirms the patient’s health status and any relevant conditions or allergies.
  • The post-operative questionnaire which is sent out after the operation and allows the patient to rate their experience and your care.

Managing Your Admin Burden

These questionnaires are essential for the health of your patients and the continued improvement of your own practices. Which is why the Zento Group takes care of all of that.

Our management team sends out the questionnaire as soon the procedure is confirmed, makes sure it’s completed, and adds the notes to the patient’s file without any input from you.

And after the operation the team will send out and collate the data from the post-operative questionnaires and let you know any relevant information. This is all part of our advanced practice management services, and you can move on to your next list knowing we have it handled.

So if you’re ready to talk about how we can help you with any aspect of your private practice admin, contact us today.