Referral Programme

Building Your Network


Making Better Connections

Creating good working relationships is key to building a successful medical practice. This applies to medical professionals in every field, but especially to anaesthetists and surgical assistants.

That’s where our referral program comes in. We have professional relationships with doctors,  surgeons and other medical practitioners, and when they need experienced staff they come to us.


Years of Experience

Finding More Work with Our Referral Service

Through our medical referral service you can work with reputable, established medical professionals and institutions and build your contacts list.

We set up the appointments, but from there it’s up to you to build your own professional network. If it works out, most of your future work prospects will come from this core network of doctors with whom you’ve built good working relationships.

For people who are new to medicine, new to a city, or just new to private practice, our referral service can provide the connections you need to build a successful private practice.

So if you need some help making professional contacts, contact us here to learn how we can help.