What our clients say

Here’s a selection of the doctors we work with and what they had to say:


“I had expanded my private practice and was paying a secretary to do my billing, but was still dealing with the hassle of incorrect bills and phone calls from patients. I decided I needed to take myself out of the equation completely, and found out about Doctors’ Accounts from colleagues. Since then it has been smooth sailing, with Doctors’ Accounts taking care of all my admin, and quickly and easily dealing with any billing problems. As a result, very little of my time is spent on admin now.”

Brian Morrow, Anaesthetist


“I found billing a nightmare – so much so that it was stopping me from doing private work. I heard that Doctors Accounts provided a solution, and it revolutionised everything. The setup process was very straightforward, and now, they do all my admin – sending off the bills, checking they’ve been paid, chasing unpaid bills. I’m very happy with the service, and I would definitely recommend them to another anaesthetist.”

Helen Daly, Anaesthetist


“Since signing up with Doctors’ Accounts, my life is a lot easier. They handle all the admin associated with billing, informed financial consent, and receiving payments. I feel much more comfortable charging a gap when someone else is handling the money, and it’s great to have someone else making sure I get paid the right amount. I’ve already recommended Doctors’ Accounts to other anaesthetists and I would be happy to do so again.”

Katherine Shelley, Anaesthetist


“Coming from Europe, I was unfamiliar with the process of billing patients when I set up my private practice in Australia. Doctors’ Accounts knew what they were doing when I came on board, and made the preparation of the paperwork a smooth experience. Now, I can tell patients that fees will be dealt with by another party, leaving my relationship with them positive. So many things have been taken off my plate, and if I don’t have to spend time preparing invoices, I’m happy!”

Thomas Ledowski, Anaesthetist


“I avoided private work because I was uncomfortable with gaining informed financial consent and didn’t have the mechanism to be able to charge a gap. I didn’t want to have the ‘money’ conversation with my patients, but when the opportunity to work with a private surgeon arose, I had to figure out a solution. After speaking with Ben, I knew Doctors’ Accounts was the right service to fix my problems. Now I spend less than 30 minutes a month on financial admin for my private work, and talking about money with my patients is seldom required.”

Perth-based anaesthetist


“When commencing private practice there was a large learning curve in terms of the various health funds and their differences in terms of billing and rebates. Doctors Accounts took away all of the stress associated with this so I could focus purely on caring for my patients. In addition, they took responsibility for other key issues such as provider numbers and accreditation at the various hospitals I wanted to work at.”

Nolan McDonnell, Anaesthetist