Anaesthetist billing in Australia

Mastering anaesthetic billing: Zento’s smart solution for anaesthetists

Author: Ben Dudley

Date: July 6, 2023

Anaesthetic billing - Zento - Outsourcing medical billing and practice management services
Discover how Zento revolutionises anaesthetist billing needs for private practice owners, simplifying admin tasks and tackling the complexities of health fund medical billing.
Anaesthetist billing

Navigating the complexities of anaesthetic billing

As an anaesthetist, you may consider joining a private group. But the thought of building your own private anaesthetic practice within an anaesthetist group can be daunting. Even though you get the benefits of joining a group, you suddenly see your costs skyrocketing too. An alternative is doing your anaesthetic billing and administrative tasks yourself.

As an anaesthetist in private practice, it is essential to maintain a balance between your costs and income to ensure financial stability. That is true for all anaesthetists but definitely those just starting out as their private income is still low. It is quite common to see anaesthetists taking on these admin tasks themselves to cut costs. However, we often hear from anaesthetists that their administrative tasks and billing would take longer than the actual medical work.

Ben Dudley

Founder Zento

Finding a solution that balances cost-effectiveness and time management is crucial. Meet Zento’s anaesthetist billing services.

Anaesthetist billing made easy

Zento’s intuitive anaesthetic billing technology uses machine learning to accurately predict the correct Medicare Benefits Schedule item numbers.

This is truly unique. Our app is called the Zentobox. You simply take a photo of a sticker with the app on your phone, record anaesthetic item numbers according to the specialty of the surgeon and our software automatically suggests the start and finish time of the case.

Ben Dudley

Founder Zento

After you have captured all of the stickers, you hit submit and a pdf is sent to Zento and yourself. Payments are processed in a matter of minutes.

When I started in private practice there was a large learning curve in terms of the various health funds and their differences in terms of billing and rebates. Zento took away all of the stress so I could focus purely on caring for my patients.

Dr. Nolan McDonnell

Anaesthetist using Zento’s anaesthetist billing services

Health fund billing and anaesthetic private practice

Zento takes charge: Simplifying the complexity of private health fund billing for anaesthetists

When anaesthetists ring us to hear how we can help them with their medical billing, we always tell them how health insurers make this world unnecessarily complex.

It is very confusing, to say the least. But this is where Zento comes into play. We are best known for unravelling the intricacies of private health fund billing so that anaesthetists can focus on their job instead of their bills. By the time you see a patient in the pre-operation bay, you can be confident this patient’s health insurance is up to date and you will be paid for the procedure.

Ben Dudley

Founder Zento

Medicare has a set fee that it believes is a fair price for each medical service or procedure, which is known as the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) fee. When patients have private health insurance, Medicare will cover 75% of the MBS fee and the insurer will cover the remaining 25%. However, as an anaesthetist, you may want to charge more than the MBS fee.

We used to call this a gap fee, but insurers have hijacked this term and now market some of their services to patients with fancy slogans such as “including gap cover”. Their gap, however, may not be your gap, and this is where patients get very confused. Zento takes care of all this.

When you become a Zento client we focus on best practices.

  • Our deep knowledge of MBS fees and item numbers supports you in claiming appropriately for your services.
  • We are well-versed in the fee schedules issued by the AMA and ASA, which provide valuable benchmarks for setting fees.
  • Our team helps you navigate the complexities of insurers’ gap cover schemes, empowering you to make informed decisions on participation.

Based on your personal preferences, we give you insights into how we can set up your billing structure to either be part of the insurer’s gap cover schemes or not. Based on that decision, we take care of all your billing so that you never have to worry again about not being paid.

Ben Dudley

Founder Zento

The main difference between Zento and our competitors is exactly that: getting customised information for your particular approach to anaesthetic billing. It’s about you and supporting your practice.
Professional practice management for anaesthetists

Zento’s practice managers: your key to streamlining administration and billing

Working with Zento has even more benefits. Our dedicated practice managers are readily available to handle more complex tasks: from applying for provider numbers, and registering you with private health funds, all the way to managing your lists, obtaining informed financial consents and lodging your accounts.

You basically get the benefits of joining a private anaesthetist group without losing your independence. It is a cost and time-effective solution for busy anaesthetists.

Ben Dudley

Founder Zento

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